Graphics - Broadcast, Motion & Web


Working with producers and reporters on creating accurate graphics that represent the story.

In house poster for Ugly Sweater Day.

Motion Graphics for Broadcast

created with adobe after effects and photoshop

Animation in Adobe After Effects for a local news story about a stolen van.

Created a graphic depicting the dimensions of the giant mine trucks they use in Salt Lake City, as compared to the reporter, Ashton Goodell. This animation won the 2014 Society for Professional Journalists award for Graphics in Salt Lake City.

One reporter, Max Roth, writes a story (package) on a certain topic. I was given only the script and his track. This story was all animation in Adobe After Effects for broadcast. Usually only given a few hours before air.
Writing out a grocery list for a story on costs using Adobe After Effects.
Used a hiker to show the trek he took between points of interest on the Grand Canyon West Rim trail using Photoshop and After Effects.
New app for the local grocery chain, Smith's, showing how coupons can be added to your rewards card. I couldn't find a good picture of one, so I took a photo of my own rewards card to use in the graphic. Photoshop and After Effects.


Working with Marketing and Sales teams to create banner ads to satisfy the client, while staying within brand guidelines

Client wanted to use existing assets for a series of banner ads, so I went ahead and rearranged them to support their brand identity and style.

Grabbing viewer’s attention while also satisfying brand and sponsor logo needs.

Client wanted this to be a fun, grabbing ad while adhering to their brand and style guidelines.

Client wanted a new logo and banner ad made in the style of an old video game selection menu.

RPGamer on-site only banner for the Game of the Year story. The swords and shield are the logo for the site, with some hints of some of the best games on the right.

Another RPGamer on-site only banner for Game of the Year. This time involving the eye of the winner.

Banner for RPGamer’s #JRPGJULY campaign which involves staff playing Japanese role-playing games for the month of July, and writing about their progress on the site.